Hello there. Thank you for your interest towards our company. We are a family business FATHER & SON ( Ionel & Ciprian) that was started in 1998.

We offer all kind of trips into the Danube Delta with the best services and prices around. We charge by person and we do not leave people behind. You will find information about our company SAFCA DELTA TOURS in the tourist information center, several hotels in Tulcea and in many touristic guides. Please visit our reference page.

We also can provide accommodation in the Delta or help you in any matter regarding our services. We will make the trip that you want with the best services offered just for you. Please consult our offers in the slow boats offer and speed boats offer menu tab for our predefined routes.

!!! Here you can see some people that have visited the Danube Delta with our company !!!

Safca Danube Delta Tours has FIVE boats that will make your trip very enjoable.

Speranta  slow boat that can take up to 12 people on board:  Speranta1, Speranta2.

Egreta Mare slow boat that can take up to 12 people on board: EM1EM2.

Kingfisher – catamaran river boat that can take up to 12 people on board: King1, King2.

Eagle Eye – speed boat that can take up to 12 people on board: Eagle Eye1, Eagle Eye2, Eagle Eye3.

Capt John – can make private tours or group tours(10-12 persons) -> Capt John1Capt John2, Capt John3.

You can also check out other pictures with our boats in different occasions.

     The boats are also rented by the hour or by day with qualified staff on board. They will take you to see all the Delta, including the small channels and lakes where big boats will not enter and where there is more to see, right int the heart of the nature without disturbing it! You have the advantage of bigger comfort, more privacy and qualified staff to answer your questions. As you can see in our photo gallery we dedicate our time to make you enjoy the trips we offer and to make you understand what the Delta really is – a natural paradise. You can visit most of the Delta in a few days or see a nice part of it in just a few hours. Our staff knows english, french, german, italian and russian and is ready to answer all your questions. You will see different species of birds, animals, vegetation – a small part of the wild life you can see if in our photo gallery. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Delta is unique in Europe so this can be a very good opportunity for you to see it and spend quality time with a professional and dedicated team – Safca Delta Tours.

   My father captain Safca Ionel is a high experienced man in this field! He was captain on a passenger boat for over 15 years and after that he decided to start his own business so he purchased his own boat and started to do tourism. I, his son, Ciprian have started to help him with the family business after i finished college and my master degree in tourism, trade and services, so now we have a family business.

   We can also offer you traditional lunch with our classic boats(the slow ones) or in rustic restaurants in the villages of the Delta. Here the traditional dish is the fish soup, with garlic sauce, grilled fish as fish is the main supply from the Danube Delta. We can also arrange at request to have a different type of dish or something else like chicken. Here are some photos of what is prepared here: Dish1Dish2, Dish3, Dish4, Dish5.

The local cuisine you can see here