Safca Delta Tours. Excursii in Delta Dunarii

 We try our best to be the BEST!

 At our agency we do our best so our tourists see the most things without disturbing the natural course of the wilderness. We are environmental friendly and we wish that our tourists respect the nature and listen to our advices. Have a look at our video when a big group of pelicans and cormorans are feeding in a lake very close to Tulcea:

You can see with your own eyes that everything is authentic and that the people on board of the catamaran are stunned and they love it. The video is made by one of our captains and we are very lucky to have it.

All the pictures that you see here are made by us or by our turists. All are real and are not edited(except the branding of our website) in photoshop or anything else. Safca Danube Delta Tours. Excursii in Delta Dunarii will show you the same views as you will see in our photos.

More photos or videos on our facebook account:

Safca Delta Tours. Excursii in Delta Dunarii

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